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 Get lean and transform your body in 12 weeks!

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Have you been struggling to get lean and build muscle?  


There 's nothing more frustrating than hitting the gym and eating well but not seeing the results you want.

When your plan is right you should notice weekly changes in your physique. 


Body fat should be visibly melting off while you build lean muscle.

Our program will clear up all the BS and finally help you get in the shape you've always wanted. 

Simar always struggled to lose that stubborn body fat. Even though he trained consistently and ate well he wasn't able to get his body fat low enough to see his abs and show the ripped physique underneath. Once he came on board the Lean Body Program we were able to coach him to shred 19kg of body fat and help him build the physique he always wanted.


You may already be working out in the gym regularly or have before and even watching what you eat. You're probably eating clean and healthy foods but still cant seem to get your body to change the way you want.


You're not alone. This is a common issue a lot of people face before coming on board with us. They are putting the time in at the gym and eating healthy but still cant seem to burn that layer of stubborn fat to reveal a lean muscular body.

You may have even turned to fad diets like keto or fasting or may have tried using 'fat burning' supplements in the hopes of finding a magic bullet to lose the fat.


This stuff won't work!

Michael is a busy working dad who became very busy with life and being a dad. His appearance and his health slowly started to become less and less of a priority over the years. Causing him to gain quite a bit of belly fat.  He decided to regain focus on looking and feeling better and joined our program. He dropped 24kg and packed on a lot of muscle. Now he's feeling and looking great! 


Expertise - You'll be working with the leaders in the industry when it comes to body transformations. We have transformed 1000's of people's lives over the last 8 years and worked with athletes on the highest level in body composition sports. You'll be working 1 on 1 with your coach who will be guiding you step by step. Meaning you'll have the right plan, knowledge, support and accountability at your finger tips!

Nutrition - Learn to finally get your nutrition right so you can see crazy results. Most people fail because their nutrition is not structured correctly. We will create the right nutrition plan for YOU. So you'll see body fat melting away each week without plateau's.

Phase 1 of the program will be a fat loss phase where we get the body fat off. We'll setup your nutrition so you are burning through body fat every week.

Phase 2 of the program is where we'll move in to a lean gaining / metabolic reset phase. This is where we'll look to increase your calorie intake and build lean muscle while staying lean. We'll also get your metabolism firing again so you maintain your lean body composition for the long term.

Training - Our training programming will change your body rapidly. Build muscle and burn away fat to reveal your best physique.

We break your training down into phases so you reach your peak physique.

Running the same program for too long creates stagnation. Your progress plateau's and your muscle growth slows. It's also really boring following the same program for months on end.

The key to muscle growth is to break your training down into shorter phases where you can create a new stimulus and progress with your strength until your body becomes more resistant to that stimulus. Then move onto a new phase and stimulus to create maximal muscle growth 

Weekly Coaching, Accountability & Adjustments  - As you progress and see results your body will adapt to the plan. The plan you start off with will need to be adjusted as your body changes and your body comp improves to see consistent results each week. We monitor how your body is responding every step of the way and make the necessary adjustments needed as you go so your results don't plateau.

24/7 Support  - Your coach is only a message away should you ever have questions or need any sort of support. So you'll always be on track and know exactly what you need to do.

The Strength Lab App  - You'll have access to our app which is where you'll see your programs and nutrition. We also track all your results through app so we can monitor your progress.

All the exercises we give you to do in the gym come with instructional videos too!

Tracey struggles with her weight and could never seem to drop the unwanted body fat. 

Once Tracey came on board our program we were able to dial in her nutrition and training properly and guide her through her fat loss journey step by step.

Tracey lost 30kg and toned up! Absolutely incredible!

  • How much does the program cost?
    We have options to suit all budgets. We'd need to have a chat with you before recommending the best option.
  • Can I do this program from anywhere around world?
    Yes! This program is 100% online! You can get results from anywhere around the word. We have worked with clients all around the world delivering next level results.
  • Do I need to train at the gym to join this program?
    Yes. Or you have a well equipped home gym.
  • How soon will I start losing fat and seeing results?
    You'll start seeing results within the first 7-14 days of starting with us.
  • How do you get such good results with your clients?
    This program utilises my unique methods which I have developed over the last 2 decades. The Strength Lab Methods are tried and tested. We have successfully transformed 1000's of men and women now!
  • Can I still eat with my friends and family?
    Yes of course! The most important factor for success is finding a sustainable way of getting results. This means having flexibility with regard to food! We will teach you how to track your food, eat the foods you love with your family and friends while getting epic results.
  • Will this work for FIFO workers?
    Yes. We have worked with and transformed many FIFO workers. We understand the limitations of working long hours and not being able to have as much choice with what you eat while working away.
  • How many days per week do I need to workout?
    between 3 and 5 days per week for best results.
  • What if I don't like all sorts of foods? Can the nutrition be adjusted?
    Yes, you'll still be eating all your normal foods. We will incorporate them into your plan.


Now Its Your Turn!

Eat the foods you love and get in killer shape

Shred 1+ kilos of body fat per week!

Only train between 4-5 days per week

Work with the best online coaches in Australia 


Tim was always active and worked out at the gym relatively consistently but he could never seem to lose that stubborn body fat that hid his awesome physique underneath. 

When Tim came on board with us he  wanted to  get in his best shape for his 40th birthday.

We coached him to lose 10kg of body fat and make this epic transformation above.

Tim now knows how to control his body composition and stay lean all year round.

Jade was struggling to drop fat and build an athletic toned physique. That all changed once she started working with us! She dropped 17kg of body fat and completely changed her body. Now she's looking and feeling her best!

Tuka is a dad who was always fit but could never get rid of the belly fat and love handles. He had goals to to get '6 pack lean. Once he came on board with us we created the the right structure around his training and nutrition and guided him through his amazing transformations. Tuka shredded 16kg of body fat and completely transformed his body!

Mikey wanted to drop the belly fat and build muscle. Once he came on board our program he shredded 8kg of body fat! The belly fat is now gone and he has an amazing set of abs. He also quality muscle!

Mahran came to us with goals of finally getting rid of the stubborn belly fa. He had always struggled to shift the fat from that area. Once he started working with us we showed him exactly what he was doing wrong and taught him how to eat and train to get lean. He dropped 11kg of body fat in 12 weeks and finally got rid of that stubborn belly fat. Now he has a ripped 6 pack!

Jess always struggled with yo-yoing up and down with her weight. She would lose some weight and then gain it back not long after. Once starting with us Jess was able to drop 25kg of body fat and most importantly keep it off!

Armando always struggled to achieve a lean, muscular physique. He tried many different approaches but ultimately ended up looking small and soft. Once he jumped on board our program we sorted that for him! Armando shredded 5kg of body fat while packing on lots of muscle in the chest, back, shoulders and arms. Amazing Transformation!


The reason you've been struggling to change your body is because you don't have the right plan or any accountability.


Your Training and Nutrition is not right for YOU.


We can completely change your body in just 90 days!


We do that by teaching you how to Train and Diet the right way!


We build your nutrition plan from the ground up. Teaching you what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat.


We teach you how to Train correctly so you actually build muscle and burn fat quickly!


You'll also have your coach to keep you accountable every step of the way. We keep you on track so you can achieve a physique you never thought was possible.


Our client transformations are insane!  


When Shane started with us he always struggled to gain muscle. He found himself stuck at a plateau for a couple of years. Not being able to grow beyond a certain point. We worked with him to guide him through his transformation. Not only did he gain a lot of muscle but he also got leaner!

At 20 years old Luca decided he wanted to change his life and not be over weight anymore. He started working with us and lost 18kg! He dropped all the body fat that he had been carrying for years. He now has way more confidence and looks incredible!

Dylan always struggled to build muscle and get 6 packs lean. Once he started working with him he packed on 8.5kg of muscle and got leaner!

Brooke wanted to build.a bikini body with  lean muscle and less body fat. Once Brooke came on board our program we were able to help her drop 7kg of body fat and build lean muscle!


With so much experience on our team we know what works and what doesn't. This means we can seriously accelerate your results and deliver you a completely different physique in a short time period.


Our training methods focus on exercises and programs that get rapid results in body composition.


Our nutrition methods focus on teaching what actually works for YOUR body. 


After working with us you'll not only have a new body but you'll also have knowledge and understanding on what works for you!


If your ready to transform your body reach out!


Richard is a busy tradie who wanted to challenge himself and take his physique to the next level and achieve sub 10% body fat. He came on board our program and we helped him lose 16kg of body fat and get absolutely shredded

Maty started off with a body type you would describe as 'skinny fat'. He wanted to shred the fat from his chest and belly and grow muscle. So that exactly what we did for him! He melted off that stubborn body fat and gained mass. Goodbye skinny fat!

Giada is a mum who was struggling with her weight and energy levels. She could never seem to shift that stubborn body fat. Once she joined our program we helped her drop 14kg of body fat and keep it off! She's now looking and feeling younger.

When Ariff Initially reached out to us for help he was not in the best shape both mentally and physically. He was living a very unhealthy lifestyle which was causing him to feel fatigued and depressed. He wanted to feel better. Gain confidence and energy to live his life at his best. We worked with Ariff to help him achieve this. He completely transformed his body and life. 




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